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We are known to be a proactive company not only for using the latest technology but mainly because we provide a solution, taking immediate action to accommodate our principals when needed.

Here are some experiences we would like to refer to;




In July 1999, the CMA Djakarta was off the Coast of Cyprus when there was an explosion on deck followed by a fire which unfortunately could not be controlled. The vessel was abandoned and subsequently grounded off the Egyptian coast.

Our associates Smit International were awarded the Salvage Operation and after they successfully put out the fire and managed to re-float it safely, it was towed by the tug Matsas Star to Malta as a port of refuge.

Kirton & Co. Ltd., were again tasked with taking care of all the logistical requirements related to the Salvage Operation in Malta seeing to both the CMA Djakarta and the Tug Matsas Star. This also involved seeing to the coordinated disposal of the damaged cargo on board which was a delicate issue as a lot of the containers contained hazardous material. 

HMS Enterprise 


The British survey ship HMS Enterprise has arrived in Malta carrying 110 Britons evacuated from Libya including 30 children, 12 infants, four pregnant women and one elderly and sick person in August 2014

A small number of Irish and German workers were also on board.

The Enterprise was the second ship to evacuate workers and families from Libya to Malta. A Virtu catamaran also evacuated some 250 Hyundai workers from Tripoli. Most were Filipino and Indian.

Waiting on the quay to greet the families evacuated by HMS Enterprise was British High Commissioner Rob Luke. He thanked all those involved in the operation and said a number of Britons remained in Libya, although they did not necessarily want to leave. The UK authorities would keep all options open for their evacuation if necessary.

Kirton & Co. Ltd., (under the banner of MLS Valletta) assisted the HMS “Enterprise”.

Kirton & Co. Ltd., also saw to the evacuation of the Nationals that arrived on the Virtu Catamaran as per request from the principals and arranged hotel accommodation and onward flights to their final destination.



Salvage Assistance


An offshore oil drilling rig being serviced at the Palumbo Shipyard shifted dramatically to one side after a botched stabilisation manoeuvre by the crew.

No one was injured when the rig, berthed alongside Dock Six beneath Corradino Hill, suddenly listed towards the Senglea side.

Kirton & Co. Ltd., were appointed Agents by Smit Salvage, who flew in a team urgently into Malta to oversee this Salvage operation. 



USS John F. Kennedy


In January of 1996 the JFK called our shores for a liberty call with over 6,500 personnel on board, and we were tasked with all the logistical requirements for the visit, including provisioning, fuelling, hotel arrangements, transfers to and from the airport, importation and exportation of spares and associated equipment, military flight arrivals and departures, shore excursions and many others.

At very short notice we were also asked to arrange for breakfast, lunch and dinner by the berth for all 6,500 personnel on board for the duration of their stay. We are proud to state that this was accomplished within a few hours and our efforts were highly commended by the Command on board.



HMS CUMBERLAND & HMS YORK During the Unrest in Libya in February


During the Unrest in Libya back in February & March 2011, Kirton & Co. Ltd., (under the banner of MLS Valletta) assisted the HMS Cumberland & HMS York on multiple visits, both vessels came to Malta to assist various National after being evacuated from Libya.




Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting – CHOGM 2015.


Between the 27th & 29th November 2015, Malta hosted the CHOGM event involving the Heads of State from most Commonwealth countries.

We are proud to say that we were tasked in providing services for the event and our little contribution helped in it being a total success.