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These are a few of the many references in hand:

U.S. Navy Ships:

USS John F Kennedy visited Malta in October 1999

The professionalism you extended in both an official and social capacity was remarkable. You are without a doubt the "Very Best" Husbanding Agents I have experienced in my 20 years of Naval Service. Please enjoy this photograph in rememberance of our visit to Malta and in appreciation for your herculeon efforts to ensure a most successful port visit for myself and the entire crew of the USS John F. Kennedy. Sincerely CDR Scott Bethmann Supply Officer.


USS WASP April 1998

Husbanding Agents support was outstanding! Philip and Nicholas Grech of Kirton & Co Ltd, were on top of all problems, and happily resolved all issues efficiently and effectively, regardless of the time of day. Their assistance with WASP's needs is greatly appreciated. Philip and Nicholas set the standard for service! 


USS AUSTIN November 1998
Husbanding services in Malta were perhaps the best of all Austin's port visits. The husbanding agents, Philip and Nicholas Grech, responded thoroughly to the logreq, immediately informed the ship of changes and provided outstanding recommendations. 


USS RAMAGE July 1999

Husbanding agent provided outstanding service. There was at least one representative available 24 hours a day. Husbanding agent was very accommodating and responded quickly to last minute, urgent requirements. 


USS LEYTE GULF September 1999
The Husbanding Agents, Mr Nicholas Grech and Philip Grech, were absolutely superb. They arranged for the delivery of fresh provisions and numerous critical supplies, and were instrumental in ensuring our port visit was a success. Leyte Gulf looks forward to working with them in the future. 


USS ROSS July 1999
The husbanding agents were very knowledgeable and friendly. They did an outstanding job providing all requirements on time and with outstanding quality. 


Husbanding Agents are among the best we have ever had the pleasure to work with, true professionals.


USS CARNEY November 1999
Mr Nicholas Grech and Mr Philip Grech with MLS Ltd, served as Carney's husbanding agents while inport Mlata. Undoubtedly, these gentlemen were the best husbanding agents Carney has encountered since inchoping into Sixth Fleet. Their resourcefulness in assuring all needs were met was truly unparalleled despite an extremely busy inport period for the ship.


USS JOHN L. HALL August 1992

Kirton and Company were totally professional, they know their business. I rank them among the top husbanding agents in Europe. 


British Ships:

HM Yacht Britannia October 1993
I am writing to thank you so very much for all the help that Kirton has given BRITANNIA during our visit over the past week. Your company is well known to the Royal Navy, and our high expectations have been more than well founded. You have helped to ensure that BRITTANIA's visit has been trouble free and enjoyable for us all. 

HMS Invincible January 1995
The expeditious manner in which all our requests have been handled is a credit to Kirton's service and experience. 

HMS Boxer Oct 1995
I would like to take this opportunity to express thanks for the first-class service you and your company have provided us with during our stay. The fact that our visit passed without a hitch is largely attributable to your efforts; you may rest assured that the reputation of Kirton remains distinguished with the Royal Navy.

HMS Illustrious Feb 1996
Kirton have once again provided excellent service, ensuring that all our needs have been met both punctually and exactly.

The Commander Third MCM Squadron
Please accept my sincere thanks for all the hard work you and your staff have put in during our visit to Malta. I am very conscious of just how much advance planning a visit like this takes and am very appreciative of all your efforts on our behalf which made the visit go so smoothly. As ever, the arrangements were to our complete satisfaction and you can be justly proud of what you have achieved.



Syscomp 1

I, Rob Donald master of Syscomp 1 am very pleased with the service offered by Kirton & Co and recommend them to other yachts and ships. We will return to Malta because of Kirton & Co. 

MY Sanctuary
This is our first time to Malta and having an efficient agent to ensure all requirements were made as requested ensured a quick and painless visit, we look forward to our return. 

MY White Rose of Drachs
It is a pleasure to use Kirton as our agents and I am impressed with all the staff

MY Leander
We have used Kirton for up to 8 years so far and have always been very pleased with the service. 

MY Itasca
I only wish that all the ships agents I use are as helpful and efficient as Kirton & Co. Highly recommended. 

MY Rasselas
Kirton is known in the Yachting Industry as one of the most efficient and professional agencies in the world. We have cruised a circumnavigation and there is none better.

Amongst the best of the agents in the world